Environmental Policy and Sustainable Practices

The Environmental Policy details the course of actions deliberately taken to manage human activities with a view to prevent, reduce, or mitigate harmful effects on nature and natural resources, and ensuring that man-made changes to the environment do not have harmful effects on humans or the environment.

The steps which Gourmet Foods, Inc has taken to reduce the negative effect on the environment are:

  • All corrugated packaging material is made from recycled material
  • Packaging material for ingredients is recycled
  • The recycling of disposables for employees is available in the employee cafeteria
  • In 2009 a white coating was added to the roof reducing the amount of energy used to cool the plant
  • The statement “ Because we care, please consider the environment before printing this e-mail” has been added to our e-mail addresses reminding the recipient not to print the e-mail if not necessary
  • Over 70% of the server population was virtualized saving the 70% of energy which server used to operate as well as the cost of cooling the room in which the server is stored
  • We upgraded to a SAN box storage area network which uses 30% less power than regular hard drives
  • There is an E-waste recycling program in place
  • Documents, where possible are being digitized
  • The practice of shutting off lights in rooms not being used has been implemented throughout the office and production area
  • All monitors and printers are shut down at the end of the day
  • Late model monitors are being phased out and replaced with newer more energy saving monitors
  • All computers purchased after 2008 have dual core processor which turns off have the processor when in idle
  • The air condition unit in the server room was upgraded to one the uses less energy
  • Reduction of Carbon Footprint by locally sourcing ingredients, wherever possible
  • Water reduction methods are currently being researched
  • Cage free eggs are being used in our products
  • Chicken used is antibiotic free, hormone free and pesticide free
  • Milk and cheeses free of rBST are being used
  • Wild Caught Shrimp, Wild Caught Tuna, American Homestead Natural Pork and Natural Beef are being used in our products, unless otherwise stated
  • On going research by our R&D Team in removing all chemical ingredients and preservatives and using more natural and pure products
  • LED lighting installed in all freezers, coolers and various processing rooms to replace less energy efficient lighting
  • All refrigeration equipment has been retrofitted with Smart Controls that reduce energy consumption by optimizing temperature requirements, regulating defrost cycles, and identifying any equipment malfunctions


Below are the practices implemented at the Gourmet Foods, Inc facility in Hayward California:

  • 2011 Environmental Award from City of Hayward
  • Recycle program for entire operation; compost, recycle all trash; 3 containers out side and 3 different trash containers thru out office and production for employees to separate trash
  • Bio Degradable cups used for coffee and water no Styrofoam used
  • Light timers and motions sensors installed in coolers and rest rooms at light switches
  • Low energy light bulbs installed were possible
  • Controllers placed on freezer motors to control defrost cycles (not like manual timers for defrost cycles) and for fans to only come on when needed to hold temp., conserve electricity, prolong motors and save money on electric bill
  • PG&E Smart thermostats placed on all air conditioners, controlled by PG&E to turn down at peak usage time to conserve energy and prevent brown outs in area
  • PG&E rebate for cutting energy consumption for the winter of 2011 over 2010 by 20%
  • All Freezer seals replaced in 2011
  • Hand wash system in rest rooms and production area to conserve water
  • Roof painted white as well
  • As well as items listed on our Environmental Policy


At Gourmet Foods, Inc we believe in protecting the environment and will continue to research ways to improve our operations in an environmentally friendly and feasible manner.