Our Philosophy

At Gourmet Foods, we continually strive to improve and enhance our products by making them more interesting, better tasting, healthier, more attractive, and more relevant to our customers' expectations. One of our current thrusts is in the area of making our products more natural, less processed and derived from more sustainable practices.

Over the past 2-3 years, we have worked diligently to eliminate artificial colors, preservatives, conditioners and added trans-fats. Furthermore, we have eliminated these additives from our purchased raw materials, which has resulted in us using superior ingredients. We have found that this direction has been the right thing to do, and has resulted in a truly Gourmet product which you can be proud to offer to your guests.

With regards to sustainable practices and natural ingredients, we are pleased to tell you about the following steps we have taken:

  • Pork, naturally raised on the pastures of family farms for all our pates and sausages
  • Cage free eggs
  • Chicken which is hormone and antibiotic free
  • Wild caught shrimp, tuna and crab
  • Dairy products from cows not given regular hormone treatments whenever possible
  • Expeller pressed oil
  • Unbleached flour

Presently we are evaluating using expeller pressed oils in the preparation of all of our in-house produced items and following that we will be examining sources of sustainably farmed or wild caught fish. We are making a constant effort to provide products that inspire the imagination of our customers by making these products from sustainably grown ingredients, more healthful, and less processed. We believe that this is what your customers prefer and they would be happy to know that they have been served foods that were prepared with the foregoing in mind. We are committed to continue to make the right choices whenever possible and we will let you know as we turn new leaves in our quest to have the most natural and delicious products available for you.

Heinz Naef
Gourmet Foods, Inc.