Gourmet Foods Product Categories


Flash frozen for convenience and flexibility. Choose from a variety of flavor combinations


With more than 100 hand crafted appetizers, there’s always something new

Brochettes and Sates

Choice selected meats and seafoods are the cornerstone of this time-honored banquet favorite

Oriental Appetizers

Handcrafted authentically seasonsed Asian products using only the freshest quality meats, seafood and vegetables

Pates and Terrines

Handmade pates and terrines using only the finest ingredients that exhibit style and elegance

Deli Meats and Seafood

Fully cooked California-style and traditional European sausages, quality deli meats and smoked seafood

Main Courses

A wide variety of handcrafted meat, seafood and vegetable entrees using only the finest, top-quality ingredients

Pasta and Pizza

Precooked traditional, Gluten Free, filled and non-filled pasta selections in an array of shapes, sizes and dough colors

Sauces and Soups

A full line of frozen sauces and soups adding consistent, value-added, cost effective convenience to any entree

Fresh Hand Peeled and Turned Vegetables

A popular, waste-free accompaniment offering consistency, value and simplicity

Frozen Fruit and Vegetables

Domestic and imported vegetables and mushrooms flash frozen to capture their individual flavor, color and texture

Grocery List

Non perishable and dry good categories to complete your culinary needs


French pastries and cakes created to entice the most discriminating tastes